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How to use instagram story highlights and story archive features. Instagram allows you to create story highlights and archive your stories.

Previously, Instagram stories disappeared in 24 hours. But with story highlights, you can create individual highlights from previous stories and keep them on top of your insta profile as long as you want. Share this video:

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Video by Howfinity

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Hey everyone. In this video, I wanted to show you how you could use story highlights in Instagram.
It’s relatively new so make sure you have the latest version of the app to make sure you have this feature available to you.
So to use it, there’s a couple of ways to get to it.
I’ll show you the first way, and that’s if you’re just on your profile so from the home page
I’m gonna jump into my profile, and I should see this drop down, story highlights, so if I click this down arrow here,
I should have a plus sign. Right now
I don’t have any. I deleted all of them to show you how you could do it from scratch.
So this lets you keep your favorite stories on your profile for as long as you want. So previously with your stories,
they go away in 24 hours, but this lets you keep it longer, so let’s set one up.
I’ll have to press the plus sign here new plus, and it will show me some of my previous stories here
So I could select this one for example
press next and then it’ll ask me to create a name for it, a title. So I’m gonna call this one camera gear and
then I’ll press add and just
like that, is added it right there if I click it,
you could see that is created that story highlight for me.
So I could create another one. I could call this one travel for example,
let me choose a
travel picture that I have recently, pressed next and I could label this travel, press add and there we go.
Now let me jump into my story so if I click my story here.
Let’s use this story here, so if I wanted to add this story to my highlight. Let me just go back to it.
I’ll go to highlight down here, and then I could choose a highlight
I want to add to, so I create a travel and camera gear or I could create a new one called editing,
press add and I could say view on my profile, so now I have three.
I have editing, travel, camera gear, so that’s how you add stories to
different albums that you’ve created here so to create an album you create new and you create an album
by adding a story to it, or you could go to your stories
and then add these to your highlights.
Now what if you wanted to add to one of these highlight reels? So if I wanted to add to
the editing highlight reel for example, I’ll click it and on the bottom
I’ll click on more and I’ll do edit highlights, so if I remove it it removes that entire folder
But I want to edit highlight, so I could add to it and to add to it
I gotta go to my archive and then choose something from my archive that fits that albums in this case I could select multiple things this
New computer is good this previous one that I already had on. There is still checked mark
I’m gonna press done here, so now I have two in that folder so in editing
I have this one that I just added and I had the previous one and
Again if you come here and edit highlight
You could either move these or you
Could go to archive to add a new one to that section, so that’s how you add to the story highlight folders
So again new you create a folder and then once you have the folder created you could come to it go to edit
Highlights and then you could either add or remove
Change the title change the cover whatever you want to do here and then press done
I hope this video was helpful, and you could use that to create new engagement with your followers
Please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel
I’ll be posting a lot more social media and Instagram videos just like this one and I hope to see you on the next video
Thank you so much for watching

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