How to use Photoshop CC 2018-Part 7-For beginners Using brushes in Photoshop

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Brushes are a critical tool in Photoshop CC 2018 even if you’re not a beginner. If you can master using brushes in photoshop, you can do so much more than just draw lines in your next project.

In this video, we will look at some brush settings, how to change brush size, color and intensity and more.

For more brushes, check out this link.

Video by Howfinity

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In this video, I want to talk about Photoshop colors and how you set colors in Photoshop and all about brushes.
So let’s get started. Go to file, go to file new and over here
you could just click the photo icon and use the default Photoshop size. I’ll just press create here
These are just a dimension it really doesn’t matter. I’m just gonna show you brushes on colors here
We’re really not creating anything from scratch, so press create, and here’s my
canvas so first of all let’s talk about colors so the Photoshop colors here
This is your foreground color
And this is your background color so to change these you’ll just go ahead and click one of these icons
So I’ll just click this one and I should get this color picker here, so you could either use
This elevator here to change the lightness and the darkness of the color that you’ve chosen
Or you could just click around here to pick a color, and if you’re creating something for the web sometimes
It’s good to click only web colors
And it limits your colors that you could choose and you could get this number to use in HTML code for example
But in this case. I’ll just freely browse around and I’ll pick a color
I want let’s say if you want to pick a deep red and make it a little bit darker and press ok so now
that’s our foreground color meaning everything we create now is gonna be this color so if I went to the tool and
Chose the rectangle tool you see the fill color is based on this color
So if I drag it will create that so I’m just gonna press coming as Etan do so your background color
You could choose that one separately to let’s say we’re gonna pick this blue color press ok I could
Switch the foreground and the background right now the foreground is red if I press this arrow icon here
It switches us so now if I click and drag a rectangle. It’s gonna be blue so you get the idea here
It created a new layer for me. I could just click this layer and delete
So over here just to make sure we’re looking at the same thing go ahead and pick the essentials layout here
And let’s start working with brushes, so the brush tool over here is
Shortcut B. Or you could just select the here brush tool and just to reset the tool we’ll come over here
And I’m just gonna right click or command click and reset the tool
So we’re all looking at the same thing here if you click this you’ll see all the different settings for the brush tool for example
The size of the brush so right now. It’s very small. It’s this dot here if I make it bigger here
Let’s say if I go to 218 you see it gets bigger and even at
500 gets even much bigger and the hardness of the brush
And I’ll show you that when we start working with a brush, and these are your presets these might look different
These are just my presets my recently used brushes, but you could get hard rounds
You could get soft rounds you could just have a lot of different options here with brushes
so let’s just go ahead and start with a soft round brush and
Hardness would be around 50 and the brush size around 124
So that’s gonna be our default brush so to start painting with your brush. You just click and drag just like that
You start painting with your brush, so if you wanted a small brush you just reduce the size here
And then paint again, and if you want a different type of brush like a hard round brush
Same kind of thing so you see the difference here the soft round is just kind of softens the sides and the hard round is
Just is very hard
Edges and some of the other settings that are good to know are
The opacity here so the opacity if I lower the opacity to let’s say 50 my brush
Is just gonna be more transparent so if I draw a couple of them on top of each other you see the transparency shows through
Okay, next is the floor the brush so if I lower the flow to 50% let me just bring the opacity up
You see the flow is not at 100% so
It has a different effect when you start drawing a line
So that’s the flow so if it said low if it’s at like 3%. It’s hardly gonna draw anything and a hundred percent
it’s gonna be just that hard line that we created before and
the soothing is really a good thing to learn about so let me just change my brush size to
That’s good about a 30 and
The shooting right now let me just change it to zero to show you what this does if I draw a line
You see it’s kind of hard to keep it very smooth, and if I change this using to a hundred percent
It’s gonna just do a for me. It’s gonna be just a lot easier to create smooth lines here the one where I had the
Soothing at zero you know it’s a lot harder to create those
But with soothing on it’s just a lot easier to move around it just guides you a lot better
So you could play with soothing
To get the right effect that you’re looking for and there’s multiple
Option with with the soothing that I won’t go into in this video, but you could play around with these as well
And just like everything else with blend modes everything has a blend mode, so do brushes
So I’ll get to blend modes in a different video
And you could come back and play with the different blend modes in a brush
Let me just go to edit and fill here. I just want to basically start with a new blank canvas
I’ll just click here and fill with white press okay that will just give me a new canvas
So I could show you a couple other things again with the brush tool if you want to create a straight line
You could click and hold shift, and then it will restrict your movement to be straight
And if I click here, and I click shift, and I start moving down same kind of thing so if I’m not holding shift
It’ll kind of be free-flowing
either way. But if I hold shift it
Restricts my movement if you want to create a line between two points click once and then hold shift
I’m gonna click again, and it creates a line for you
So now I could click again and click again and click again
This gives you a really nice way to draw straight lines between points obviously
There is a whole world with brushes like over here. If you look if you don’t see this window
Just go ahead to window and choose brush settings so you could see this window that I’m looking at here
But over here. You could see all the different brushes that I have access to and I’ve done a little bunch more from a website
So if you google Photoshop brushes, there is some websites where you could buy these
For example I have a smoke brush here so when I use a smoke brush it creates effects like that
I have even a brush that looks like a leaf so if I want to create a fact like this
So brushes are very
Limitless in their possibility, and they really give you a lot more creativity
And I’m just gonna change my brush color here just by switching the two so if you want to change the way your drawing with
brushes all you got to do is click here and
change your ground so if I want a green leaf here all I got to do is do that and
Again, I could increase my brush size to make a big one right over there
I hope this basic overview with brushes got you started in the description
I want to leave you couple links that are really handy
One is a place where you could get more brushes
So just like mine as you can see I have a lot more brushes than then you probably have access to
so I’m gonna just leave a link to that and I also want to leave you a link to a
Tablet because with a tablet it’s gonna be pressure sensitive
so if you start working with brushes you could start using a tablet to really fine-tune your drawing if
Brushes and drawing are gonna be the main use of Photoshop for you. I really recommend the tablet so on the link below
I’ll leave the industry standard one. That’s really well-priced and works perfectly so if you’re working with brushes
Go ahead and pick one up just to really help with your workflow in the next video. I’m gonna really dive into
transforming things meaning free transform tool
Scaling things rotating things and all about moving shapes around in Photoshop. That’s coming up next


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