How to use Photoshop CC 2018 For beginners- Part 8-Reshaping images with free transform tool

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In this Photoshop CC 2018 for beginners video, let’s do at reshaping and resizing images with the free transform tool in Photoshop.
Free transform allows you to change the size of any shape or image, rotate, scale and skew them.

I’ll show you the best workflow when working with free transform tool and changing image sizes.
And we will look at a picture in picture trick using free transform.

Video by Howfinity
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In this Photoshop video, I wanted to show you how you could transform an image, how to scale it how to rotate it how to resize it
and I’m gonna show you that with this image here. Now one thing to know is if you start with an image.

I just opened this in Photoshop, and it usually starts like this. It’s locked and we want to change this to a layer all we got to do is press lock that will unlock it. I’m just gonna command Z or you could double click it
And you could just rename this image that way and that will create it layer from that
So you could start transforming an image just right now you could transform this layer, so if I press command T
That’s the free transform, tool. I could just transform that image like that but before we do that. I’m gonna press command Z
I recommend duplicating this so you could just select this layer, and you could right-click on it
And you could just duplicate that layer and my background layer now. I’m gonna turn it off
This way if you do anything destructive with your copy layer you always have the original layer to go back to so now with this layer selected. Let’s go over some of the transform tools so over here edits, and if you come down here to transform
You could see scale rotate skew, and then you have the free transform option
Which is my favorite one so that’s command T on the shortcut?
I’ll just select that one and that’ll let you do many many things like you could grab any corner here
And you could change the size of the image
And I always recommend holding shift cuz with a picture like this
You don’t want to distort it you want to keep the width and the height the same aspect that you start with this way
It’s gonna get distorted if you just free Frant transform holding shift allows you to change it like this
Again if I press V for the move tool I could bring it to the center here
If you grabbed it from any sides you could change it this way again if you were working with a shape
These are much handier than working with an image
So I’m gonna press command Z and to rotate it you could come here, and you could rotate it from any corner
And it’s actually rotating it from this point here
So if you bring this point somewhere else in the image it starts rotating it from that point
And if you want to reset this point over here, you just click right in the middle there
And he moved it right back to the middle so you could rotate it
And if you don’t want any rotation all you got to do is
You come over here and press zero on the angle and that’ll reset it and press ok
So now again with the free transform tool. Let’s press command T to get the free transform tool
You could just right-click or control-click here
And it allows you to just rotate and do flip horizontal and flip vertical
Without going into the menu so for example if you do that. I’m gonna press command Z again right clicking it
You could change the skew that’ll create effect like this if you wanted to ski your image for some reason
Let’s look at perspective. You could change the perspective of the image
This is kind of a cool effect, and you could work the image, too
And there’s a lot of warp options like there’s this one
That’s a fish, and it’ll change your image that way
And you could change the bend of it to any size you want to
So if you want a really subtle Bend of a fish you could just change this number and then press ok again
I could press command Z to go backwards
So now if you distorted this image too much
And you wanted the original
Image luckily you have the first one so go ahead and delete this one and you could just turn on your original layer
And we’re back to where we started. Let me show you one more thing. I haven’t talked about in other videos
I’ll go ahead and duplicate this layer one more time, and I’ll press ok
I’ll just go ahead and press command T to resize the top one
I’m holding shift, and I’m just gonna make it smaller and I’ll bring it right here. Let’s just
Make it this size, and I’ll move it over here, and now I’m gonna press the checkmark to say that’s okay
There is a really cool option here in the layers panel with opacity so if I click my background layer here
I could change the opacity of it
To be much lower than the other layer so now with the top layer
I could move it somewhere else in the image, and I could create some layer styles to it like a stroke
and I could change the
Stroke size to just like a four and then I could put that on the inside
And I could start really playing around with these kind of image and image
Using opacity and using layer styles on top of each other so the free transform tool really comes in handy right here
To quickly change this and then I could just press okay
And then I want to change the background to be a little bit darker
So this really stands out so I could use that CIN overlay and I could make a much darker and press okay
So those are some options with the layers where you could work with opacity and work with layer
and then work with the free transform tool to work with two images on top of each other and
Create a cool picture in picture effect for your photo
Please give this video a thumbs up and stay tuned for the next video in our Photoshop tutorials. I hope to see you there
Thanks for watching


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