How to turn off Facebook’s FACE RECOGNITION features

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Facebook has rolled out automatic face recognition. But you can turn off Facebook’s new face recognition in your privacy settings.

Your face will now be detected in images and videos, even if you are not tagged. So if you don’t want that, you should turn it off.

In this video, I’ll show you how to turn off face recognition both on Facebook mobile and Facebook desktop.

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Video by Howfinity

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Hey everyone. In this video, I wanted to show you how you could turn off the facial recognition
option in Facebook. So Facebook now automatically has that option turned on so if someone posts a picture of you,
Facial recognition will automatically detect that even if you’re not tagged. So if you want to turn that off,
this is how you do it.
I’m gonna show you on mobile and then I’ll jump on the computer and show you how to do it there too. If it’s your first time here,
I make easy-to-follow tech and social media tutorials five times a week,
so please consider subscribing. So on the mobile you want to go to your profile page, so here
I’m on my profile page, and you want to click more and under more you want to click view
privacy shortcuts. Once you click that you want to go all the way down to more settings go ahead and click that one and
under more settings you should see the option for
facial recognition somewhere in the middle of the page, go ahead and click that.
And this is where you could turn it on and off.
If you click that tab it gives you the option do you want Facebook to be able to recognize you in photos and videos and
this is without being tagging those photos and videos, so I’m gonna press yes or no here.
So if you wanna know you could press no
or yes press yes. Now if you’re tagged as always it’s gonna let you know that you’re tagged so this doesn’t apply to that.
So now let’s jump on the computer so I could show you how to do this on the desktop.
So here on the desktop version of Facebook, just make sure you’re on your profile and this time
we don’t want to go to more like with that before, we want to go up here
and we want to go all the way down to settings, so you want this menu and go down to settings here and
under settings right on the side of settings you should see
Face recognition so click that and under face recognition you have the same option.
So you could click yes or no and it will turn off the automated of facial recognition and Facebook.
So this is where you turn that off. I hope this was helpful. Thanks again for watching.
Please give it a like and subscribe to this channel for more tech tutorials and social media tutorials
and I hope to see you on the next video.


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