How to record your computer screen for free on Mac

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How to record your computer screen for free on Mac

If you want to record your computer screen on a Mac, iMac, laptop or desktop, you can use the free built in quicktime software to do so and record audio and video. This video will show you the step by step guide.

Video by Howfinity
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In this video, I’m going to show you how to do video screen capture on a Mac using the default Quicktime player.
The first step is go to spotlight and search for Quicktime player.
Press enter to open up your Quicktime player that should already be pre-installed on your Mac.
On top of your page, go to file and click new screen recording.
This box will pop up.
Your first item should be picking your microphone input, if you want to record audio with your video.
In this case, I’m going to use a USB microphone that has a better audio quality than my
internal microphone. The next option is show mouse clicks on recording. This will create a little highlight every time you click when you’re doing screen capture
which is a helpful tool to use. I’m going to leave it on.
Next I’m going to begin recording by pressing the record button here.
Now here, it says click to record the full screen, so if you click once it begins recording the full screen.
Or you could drag to record the portion of the screen that you selected, in this case,
I’m just going to keep the top bar out of my recording and as soon as you let go of the mouse,
it will give you the option to start recording, press that, and now the recording process is happening in the background.
So I’ll click around a bit. I’ll move my mouse a bit. I’ll change programs.
I’ll go to premiere just to show you some of the things that the screen is capturing. I’ll scroll around in Premiere timeline.
I’ll go to the end of the timeline here.
I’m going to hide premiere and I’m going to stop my recording by simply pressing escape on your keyboard.
This is going to bring back the recording box.
The screen is actually still recording, so I’m going to press pause here and as soon as you press pause,
it will show you the entire quicktime recording that is created for you.
I’m going to minimize the quicktime movie that it’s recorded, so it doesn’t get confusing with the background,
so you could see the standalone movie. I could just scrub through it here.
You see all the things that we recorded. Now the video is not saved yet,
so in order to export, you’ll have to go to file/save
and pick wherever you want the video to end up. In this case, I’ll just put it on desktop. I’ll name a test video, press enter.
And it’s just saving in the background.
Depending on how long you’ve been recording. It’s going to take a little bit of time.
I’m going to open that Quicktime.
And it’s the Quicktime that we just recorded and that’s all it takes to do a screen capture video with audio on your Mac.
To watch more How-to videos go to or subscribe to our YouTube page. Thanks for watching.


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