How To Convert a PNG To Vector with Illustrator

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You can convert a PNG to a Vector file in Illustrator which makes it great for converting logos and shapes, so they are scalable without losing quality.

You can then save it as an ai file or EPS file once you make the conversion.

Video by Howfinity
[mks_tab_item title=”Transcript”] Hey everyone. In this video, I wanted to show you how you could take a PNG file
like the one I have here and turn it into a vector file using Adobe Illustrator.
And with a vector file, basically you could
scale this image to be any size without losing any quality.
So with the png, it’s limited to the quality of the file and a vector size won’t have that issue.
So let’s take this PNG file, make sure you have a png file first and then go ahead and open with Adobe Illustrator.
I’m using CC 2018 here, but if you’re using it later or earlier versions, it’s still the same process.
So here’s the logo, the png file is opened here and it will work with logos with text and with shapes like i have here.
But it has to be really clean, like this rasterized images.
It can’t be like a painting for example, so let’s take this image.
The first thing we want to do is we want to go up to windows
and then, we want to come down to image trace, so look for image trace and then click that.
And then you will get this window here and through here, the only thing
you’ll need to change is the mode, so in this case, I don’t even have to do that since i got a black and white logo here.
But make sure you choose color if you have a color logo, and that’s all we have to change.
Go ahead and press trace and this is gonna take a few seconds,
depending on your image and then you just have one more step. Go to object and then come down to
image trace and then click expand.
And just like that your logo has been changed to a vector shape.
So you’ll see all these dots that I have here, so now if i deselect,
here and select individual elements, I could basically move individual elements, I could reshape those elements and things that i couldn’t do before with a png file.
And once I’m all set, let me go ahead and put this back.
Here, I could go ahead and go to file,
save as and I could, save this as a AI, Adobe Illustrator file or an EPS file.
Those are both vector files and just like that you’ll have a vector file of your logo.
I hope you found this useful. Please give this a like and subscribe to this channel.
I post easy to follow videos on Adobe products and tech five times a week and as always thanks so much for watching.


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