How to ZIP a file on a Mac

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Zip a file on a Mac in order to shrink it in size, so you can easily send several documents in one folder via email and if it is bigger than 10 megabytes, you can use Wetransfer to send the file up to 2 gigs.

The zip option is actually built in to your Mac and you don’t need any additional software. All you have to do is create a folder, drop all your files in the folder, right click or control click and press compress on the dropdown menu.

That will zip your file on you Mac and you can unzip by simply double clicking the file.

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Video by Howfinity
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Hey everyone. In this quick video, I wanted to show you how you could zip a file on a Mac.
So if you wanted to take a file and zip it so you could email or something like that i’m gonna show you how to do that.
Mac actually has that built in, but you just gotta know where to click to be able to zip a file.
You could do it with a folder, you could do it with couple files. Any of those will work. Let me show you how to do that right now.
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Let’s jump in and take a look. Okay so first, let’s create a folder, so i’m gonna do a command click here,
and do new folder and let’s say these are my pictures that I want to make a folder of.
So now that I name my folder, I could always rename it here, I just got a click here and then it becomes editable.
So now that I have that, let me open this folder and I want to drag the things that i don’t want to archive.
So if I have multiple files on one archive I want to drag it in there.
So let me just grab all these and I’ll put them right here, so now that you have those in this folder,
all you have to do is you have to come to this folder,
control click on the folder and press compress my images, that’s the name of the folder, press that,
and just like that, it’s created that archive. This is the archive now. Let me do a command-i here,
just to show you the file here you could go ahead and rename your zip file so you could change the name here.
And you could check the file size, so 184 megabytes. When you’re emailing things, it’s recommended not
to send anything more than 10 megabytes. This is still much bigger than that, so in order to send this to someone,
I recommend using a website like Wetransfer.
On wetransfer, you could go ahead and add a file up to 2 gigabytes completely for free.
So if you want to send a zip file to someone that’s more than 10 megabytes, send it that way,
but if you have just a small zip file, you could just email it, around 10 megabytes is the recommended size for email.
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