How to use MUSIC in Instagram Stories (New Music in Stories Button)

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How to use MUSIC in Instagram Stories? Introducing Instagram Music in Stories. You can now share music clips in your stories from provided music files on Instagram.

You can even use a music clip and then begin recording video in order to have background music (iOS only) Adding music to Instagram stories required a workaround before Instagram introduced the new music icon.

Here is how you can add music to Instagram stories if you don’t find the right selection in the built in icon.

Video by Howfinity
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Instagram has a new option that I’ve been waiting for for a long time.
And that’s to make it easier to share music in Instagram stories.
And I wanted to make a quick video to show you how to use that new option.
If it’s your first time here, I make easy-to-follow Instagram and social media videos five times a week,
so please consider subscribing. So let’s go ahead and jump into instagrams story here
and Inside of stories, there is a couple ways to get to the music.
So on the bottom, you have normal, Boomrang and the new option is music. This lets you search their music library, take a clip and then share that to your story.
So let’s take this Drake song for example.
You could basically start playing it or you could just select, let’s say if you wanted to start this music from 30 seconds.
I’m just scrolling through here and it’s changing the start time and it’s just a small clip here. It’s a short clip.
And then all I have to do is press the music icon right here, the same way I would take a picture.
So if I press that music icon, it will take a picture and it will have that song as part of that picture.
So now I could share this to my story. It’s a normal Instagram post Instagram story post.
So I could resize this. I could make it the same size as that and then I could go ahead and share that to my story.
Another way to do it. Let me just exit out of here discard this.
While I’m here, I’ll just go back to the normal camera.
If I go and take a picture of this, I could go to my stickers on top, so I could press stickers on top
and there is a new music option right in the middle.
Let me go ahead and click that and it takes you to the same place that the other setting took you to.
So let’s take a look here. There’s the popular songs and there are a lot of them here.
You could use the search music option and search a specific song.
They don’t have a lot of songs right now.
But there is a good chance that you might find a very popular song if you search there. You could search by mood.
There are different moods that you could search by.
So if you wanted something bold, it’ll give you some options there and then there is by genre.
So if you wanted some hip-hop, you could just click that and it’ll just give you the hip-hop options here.
So if I wanted to share this childish Gambino, I could just click that.
By default, it gives you a 7 selection of the song but you could select that and a different length.
It goes up all the way to 15 seconds, which is the length of the story. So I’m gonna go ahead and press okay.
And then I could change where it starts.
So if I want that 15 seconds to start at 15 seconds and go to 30 seconds,
I could do that and then I press done and then I have my song here,
and now I could share this and it will play while the people are viewing this image.
Now the best part about this option is being able to record video
and having music play while the video is playing for the people that are viewing it.
So to do that, let’s go back to music and we have to choose our song first.
So if I choose this song and then if I choose my selection of that song starting at 10 seconds, for example,
all I would have to do instead of taking a picture,
I’ll have to record a video, again using that icon, that music icon if I just press and hold that,
it’ll start recording a video and the song is actually playing at the same time.
And then if I let go, the song is now part of that Instagram story.
So they’re both playing at the same time. The video is playing and the music is playing.
Again, you could go ahead and resize it. You could even add more stickers to it.
You could add a pole, you could add any of these other stickers to it if you want to and then you could share it to your story.
I believe this is only available right now on launch on iOS devices, but hopefully it’ll be coming to Android sometime soon.
So that’s the brief overview of this music option inside an Instagram.
I have a different video on how to add music that’s not on here on Instagram. It’s a little bit more complicated.
I really like this. I hope they add a lot more songs to this.
And this is one of those options I’ve been waiting for for a long time. I hope you found this video useful.
Please give it a like and subscribe to this channel.
Like I said, I post easy-to-follow Instagram and social media videos five times a week and I hope to see you on the next video.
Thanks so much for watching.


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