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Instagram Emoji Slider gives you a new way to vote on Instagram. Previously, you could use Instagram polls to vote.

Check out that video here.… With the Emoji Slider, you can vote with emojis from 0-100 by simply clicking the emoji and sliding it.

When you let go, your vote counts.

For more Instagram videos, check out the playlist.…

Video by Howfinity
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Hey everyone. In this Instagram video,
I wanted to show you how you could use the new Instagram emoji slider and it’s a way to vote.
So I wanted to make a complete tutorial on it.
I previously made a video showing you how to use the Instagram poll and the Instagram emoji slider to vote.
But I just wanted to focus on the Instagram emoji slider in this video. So to use it, let’s jump into our Instagram story.
So I’m gonna click my profile picture here and go to story and then we want to take a picture.
So I’m gonna take a picture at this from my iPad. I’m just gonna go ahead and take that picture.
Now I need to click the sticker icon on top just like any other Instagram story
where I add a sticker to it and you should see this one next to the poll, Emoji slider.
I’m gonna go ahead and click that, Now if you don’t see it right now,
it may take a few weeks for this to roll out to all devices.
I’m gonna type my question right here.
And this way, people could vote basically from 0 to 100 with this emoji slider if they liked the film or not.
And then you could change this icon, this emoji from the heart one to any other one you see down here,
so there’s a bunch of them down here or at the end of the list, you could click the plus sign,
and you’ll basically get the emoji from all the emojis you have on your phone or you could search for emoji.
There’s a lot here that you could choose from.
But in this case, I’m gonna choose the very first default one and then I could change the style.
So on top, you should see A. If I click A again, it will change the background.
So I could choose any of these colors on the bottom. So in this case, let me just choose blue.
That’ll change the background. If I deselect A and I change the colors, it will change the color of my text.
So in this case, black will look good. I’m gonna choose black.
Again, you have all these colors to choose from for your text,
and then you have all these colors to choose from from your background if you select A again and change the background color.
And now I’m gonna press done here and you could then place it anywhere on your image or place it down here,
and you could also resize it. I’m just using two fingers to resize it to make it bigger.
And now, I could go ahead and send it to my story add other text and anything I want to do.
I’m just gonna say your story, the plus sign here and then it’s gonna share it to my story.
So I’m gonna wait a few minutes for other people to vote on it,
but what happens is if you click in and look at the story, you’ll just have to
grab that icon, that emoji icon and then wherever you let it go, that’s where your votes gonna be.
So I chose 100 basically at the end of the slider. So that’s my vote.
So I’m gonna let other people vote and I’ll show you what that looks like and how you view other people’s vote.
Okay, a few minutes has passed. So let me show you how you could see who voted on your post.
So let’s go back to story and all we have to do is scroll up.
So if I scroll up, I could see that 26 people so far have seen the post and these are the people about eight people,
have voted on the post and you could see based on their slider,
some people have given this a zero, some 100,
some in between, out of 50 and then if you keep going you, could see all the viewers and if you come down here,
you see the blue dot right there?
Let me go back here. That blue dot is the average answer.
So it’s about a 50 right now including my vote of a hundred.
So that blue dot will either move up or down depending on where other people coming to their vote.
And again, if I scroll up, I could see exactly who voted and their exact vote here.
I hope you found this useful and you could keep your followers engaged on Instagram using this new feature.
I’m gonna put a link in the description to the Instagram playlist, so you can see over 40 Instagram tutorials.
And I hope to see you on the next video. Thank you so much for watching this one.


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