How to RESET Instagram password

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You can reset your Instagram password in two ways. If you already know your password and are logged in, you can reset or change your Instagram password in the settings menu and change password.

If you forgot your password and can’t login, you’ll need either your user name or email to reset it and you can do it via a web browser on your phone or computer.

Go to and click login then click forgot password. That will walk you through resetting your password.

Video by Howfinity
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Hey everyone. In this quick video. I just wanted to show you how you could reset your Instagram password.
So I’m gonna show you how to reset it if you’re logged in and I’ll show you how to reset it if you can’t log in
or if you forgot your password. If you’re logged in, this is how you do it.
On your page, so make sure you’re on your page here. Click the gear next to edit profile.
Click that and if you scroll down here a little bit, you should see Change Password.
Press that and you’ll have to type in your password that you have now and your new password and verify the password.
So that’s if you want to reset your password,
but you already know the one you have and you’re logged in.
So if you forgot your password, the best way to reset your password is using a mobile browser.
So I’m gonna use Safari here on the iPhone and I basically want to go to Instagram. I don’t want to use the mobile
app to reset it. This is a lot easier and on here,
what you want to do is press log in, so I just went to
Now I’m gonna press log in and in the middle of this page right before login,
forgot password. Go ahead and click that and you’ll have to type in your username and email and say I’m not a robot.
And you might get this step, go ahead and finish this one and then click reset password here.
And you will send it to your email address. So let me go ahead and launch my email.
So this is the email that you’re gonna get from Instagram.
So here you could just press reset password and it will open up a new page,
under your browser and you could type in your new password and confirm the password and reset password.
So this is how you reset your password
if you forgot your password and can’t log into Instagram.
And if you already are logged into Instagram and you want to reset your password,
just to make it more secure, you do that in the Instagram app. I hope you found this video useful.
Please give it a like and subscribe to this channel.
I post social media tech tutorials five times a week and I hope to see you on the next video. Thanks so much for watching.



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