How to Remove Apple ID from iPhone

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You can remove Apple ID from iPhone, iPad or any iOS devices using 3 different options.

You can do it directly on your iPhone through the settings.

You can also do it on a Mac or PC using a browser at

And finally, you can use the settings in iTunes to remove any Apple Id from any Apple device.

Apple support document:

on iPhone: 00:43

on Mac/PC: 2:21

on iTunes: 3:37

Video by Howfinity
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Hey everyone. In this video,
I wanted to show you how you could remove your Apple ID from your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch.
And I’m gonna show you three different ways to do it.
I’m gonna show you how to do it on the phone.
Then I’ll show you how to do it on a computer using a browser, then I’ll show you how to do it via iTunes.
So one of those three methods should work for you, and if you look in the description,
I’ll leave timestamps to each one, so if you want to jump ahead,
go ahead and do that and if this video is outdated, this is recorded on iOS 11. I’ll make updated videos.
And I’ll leave links to those in the description, so make sure you check the descriptions. If it’s your first time here,
I make easy-to-follow tech videos five times a week, so please consider subscribing.
Let’s start with removing our Apple ID on the iPhone.
So I’m on the iPhone X here and first,
we want to go to settings, so I’m gonna click settings here and under settings here right on top,
you should see your user ID, if you’re on iOS 11.
So go ahead and press that and on this page, you want to click iTune and app store right in the middle of the page.
I’m gonna press that and then right on top, you should see your Apple ID,
go ahead and click that ID and you should get this pop up here and here you want to press view Apple ID,
right on top go, ahead and press that.
I have face ID, but if you don’t have the iPhone X, you will still get a message to confirm.
I’m gonna confirm this page and now on this page, if you scroll down you should see remove this device and that
will remove the Apple ID from this device.
Okay, once you’ve done that, go back to setting and go ahead and click your Apple ID again on top.
It has been removed from your iTunes and your iCloud, but you just want to make sure you log off here on your phone.
So go ahead and click name, phone number and email.
And over here, press edit and then press the minus sign here to remove that Apple ID from this section of the phone.
Press done, go back and then scroll all the way to the bottom and sign out, click sign out and
then sign in to your account one more time and then turn it off.
And here you could decide if you want to keep copy of the data on this phone
or if you want to remove it all. You could select all these if you want to keep a copy or don’t select them if
you don’t want to keep a copy and then press sign out right on top.
Also gonna leave a link to this page where Apple walks you through the same things that I’m showing you here.
But if you want a little more information, go ahead and check out that link directly from Apple.
The next step is let’s do it on a computer on a Mac or PC,
launch any browser and go to
And you can remove any device and the Apple ID for any device here.
So go ahead and sign into your Apple ID. You might get a pop-up code to verify your device.
Go ahead and fill that out, and then you’ll see a page that looks like this, go ahead and click on settings here and
under the settings page, you should see my devices section right here in the middle
and you’ll see some of the devices that are associated with your iCloud account and
right now, I have my iMac, my iPhone and MacBook Pro.
But you can remove them here, you want to click manage up here, and the manage tab is gonna bring up this page,
where you see even more devices. In fact my iPad is here also.
Now I could remove any of these devices, so for example if I wanted to remove my iPhone,
I just click on it, and then it will give me the option to remove it.
Right here, this is the option to remove it if I press it it will remove that Apple ID from that device.
Same thing with my Macbook pro.
I’ll have a remove option and every device here will have that remove option associated with it.
So that’s how you do it on a Mac or on a PC.
Let me show you one last option which is on iTunes, so I just launched iTunes here.
And in iTunes what you want to do is go to the menu on top and go to account and go to view my account.
Go ahead and press that and then that’s gonna ask you to log in to your account, go ahead and sign in and
here under iTunes in the cloud, you should see manage devices go ahead and press that and you should see some of your devices
that are associated with your accounts. You could go ahead and press remove here to remove that Apple ID from that device that will do
the same thing that I showed you how to do on your phone or on the browser or Mac or PC.
So hopefully one of these options solves your problem. Again, please check the description.
I will update this video if any of these things go out of date and please leave a comment with any questions
or suggestions for other users and give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel.
I post easy to follow videos just like this one to help solve your problems with tech,
and I hope to see you on the next video. As always, thank you so much for watching.


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