How to put background OUT OF FOCUS in Instagram story

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How to put background OUT OF FOCUS in Instagram story

You can put the background out of focus in Instagram story with the April 2018 update that adds a Instagram story feature.

This option works with faces and digitally puts the background out of focus creating a more professional and pleasant look.

It will work with videos or photos in Instagram and it’s located next to boomerang inside your Instagram story.

Make sure you have the latest version of the app to see it. I’m using an iPhone for the demo, but the process should be the same with android.

Video by Howfinity
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Hey everyone. Instagram has added a new option in Instagram stories that lets you put the background out of focus, so when you jump into Stories,
and you select the camera, you could now put the background like you see here out of focus.
But I’m using a four or five thousand dollar camera to get this effect.
But now you could do it digitally in Instagram story.
And I want us to show you how to set that up in this video. If it’s your first time here,
I make social media and tech videos five times a week, so please consider subscribing. So on your phone here,
let me jump into Instagram, and I want to click my story here, so I’m just clicking my logo to my story.
And if you see on the bottom now, if you scroll over,
next to boomerang, there is an option called focus and now you need to find a face because this only works with faces.
So I’m gonna flip the camera and now I’m looking at myself and as you could see the background is completely out of focus
just like it is on my other camera that I’m using to record. So in this camera,
you kind of get the same effect that you get here now, but this is happening digitally.
You don’t need a fancy phone to do this.
I’m gonna iPhone X here, so it’s a little bit exaggerated of an effect.
But the process is the same, I tried it on an iPhone 6 and the background was out of focus on that as well.
So once you get to that option and Instagram story, let me show you one more thing here.
If you hold you will record, so this is recording a video with that soft background, which looks very professional.
And if I X out of here, I could just go ahead and use it as a snapshot.
And it will take a snapshot.
And then you could do anything you do with the story, you could add stickers to it,
You could add text to it,
you could change the text up here using modern, neon, typewriter, add backgrounds, anything that you want to do with any type of Instagram story,
but that’s the new focus option in Instagram that lets you have this cool effect.
And it’s honestly one of my favorite things, because to get this kind of effect like you see here,
let me just flip the camera to show you, you need a camera that looks like this with a big lens.
And it’s really hard to get that out of focus effect.
But now you could basically get it digitally with this Instagram filter right into Instagram stories. I hope you find this useful.
Please give it a like and subscribe to this channel.
I post social media and tech videos just like this one five times a week.
And I hope to see you on the next video as always. Thank you so much for watching.


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