How to make your Facebook account MORE SECURE-Stop DATA leak

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You can take a very simple step to make your Facebook account more secure. Over the years, you’ve given Facebook permission to share your data. In my case, it had shared it with 162 other apps.

You can change that in the setting and stop some of these apps from seeing your settings and information and you can limit future data leaks.

It’s all done within the settings/apps. Here, you’ll see all the apps that have your data. You can simply click X to remove them or change their permission.

Video by Howfinity
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Hey everyone. There’s been a lot of privacy issue with Facebook lately, and it’s been in the news.
So I wanted to make a quick video to show you how you find all the apps that are tracking you on Facebook.
Because we use Facebook to log in with a lot of other apps and a lot of them
we probably set them and we forgot about them,
so I want to show you how to find out all the apps that are tracking you and how to turn those off.
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Now let’s jump into the computer, so I could show you how to find those apps on turn them off.
So log in to your Facebook account
and I’m gonna show you how to find out all the different apps that are tracking you on Facebook and using your information.
Now this was a little bit shocking when I found it,
but let me show you how to get there, so on your Facebook page, go ahead and click this little arrow and
then this will take you to your settings, so go ahead and go all the way down to settings, go ahead and click settings.
And under the setting page, on the side here, you want to look on their apps,
so if you look on the side here, you should see apps click that
and if you look right in the middle of that page, it says logged in with Facebook with hundred sixty two apps.
This is actually my personal Facebook page
and it looks like in the last 10 years or so,
actually, I’ve been on Facebook 14 years, so in the last 14 years, I’ve given permission 162 apps to use my information.
And when I was going through this if I press show all it will show you all of them here,
I’ve never heard a lot of these and if I have, I’ve completely forgot about they could be from 2006, from 2008,
2004, so there’s so many apps here.
So what you want to do once you get to this page is go through it and really clean up, so nineties toys,
I’m not even sure what that is. You could either edit the setting, under setting is telling you what it’s using,
what kind of information is using, so my birthday, my public information, my friends list,
even relationship status, everything.
So if I don’t want that app to have that Information,
I could press X and I could remove it just like that it got removed.
So you could keep doing this with all your apps. If you come all the way to the bottom here apps websites and plugins,
games and notifications, all these different things have their own options.
So apps others use, you could go ahead and edit this one, and this is the information those apps have about you.
This is what your friends could share about you, so you could change some of this.
I don’t want these to be shared, I could just turn off some of these if I wanted to,
just like that and then I could press, Let me just turn this off press save.
That limited a lot of the information being shared by apps from your friends.
So again, go through these, make sure you X out
or you edit what you don’t want to be shared by these apps,
and then you change your overall setting by apps others use over here.
And that should make your Facebook a lot more secure, because the leaks didn’t come from Facebook hacks.
They came from some of these apps sharing some of the information
without your permission, so make sure
the apps that you’re giving permissions to are really the ones you want to have some of your information.
I hope you found this video useful, and you make your Facebook a lot more secure.
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I post tech tutorials and social media tutorials five times a week, and I hope to see you on the next video.
Thank you so much for watching.


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