How to get a INSTAGRAM feed on a WORDPRESS Website

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Want to have your Instagram feed on a WordPress website? WordPress makes it easy with a plugin called Instagram feed.

With Instagram feed, you can show your Instagram in the footer or any page on WordPress and you can customize it too.

If you have multiple Instagram accounts, you can choose which one shows up in WordPress as well.
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Video by Howfinity
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Hey everyone. In this video, I wanted to show you how you could get an Instagram feed on your WordPress website.
So if you have a WordPress website, you could easily add an Instagram feed to somewhere like I have mine in the footer of the website
and it’s a great way to keep the website always updated, always refreshed,
because I update my Instagram every single day,
but I don’t update my website every single day. The main page of the website is pretty much the same all the time,
so by having an Instagram feed on that page,
it will always be updated and it will always be indexed by Google with new content.
So let me show you how to use a plug-in to do this in WordPress in this video. If it’s your first time here,
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Okay, so to set up your Instagram account on your WordPress page,
you need a couple of things. You obviously need a WordPress website
and you need an Instagram account. So assuming you have those two,
jump into the backend of your WordPress page, so on this page where you add plugins,
go ahead and click on plug-in and we want to add a new plugin. A plug-in is gonna combine our
Instagram to our WordPress page, so let’s go ahead and click that and under plug-in we want to search for a plug-in called
Instagram feed. So type in Instagram feed here and for me
it’s the very first plug-in, but it’s called Instagram feed. It has over 500 thousand active installations.
So go ahead and press install on that
and then you should see activate here. Mine says Network activate because I have a
Multi-level website so my website has multi levels. Your should say activate.
Just go ahead and click that it’s the exact same process here. So once it’s activated,
let me jump into the dashboard of that website.
You don’t have to do this one step, but you should see Instagram feed right on the side here.
So if you click Instagram feed it will take you to the place where you log in to your Instagram
and you give it the access token for it to connect to WordPress.
So this part is really simple. All you gotta do is click right here. If you click right here,
it will automatically pull your Instagram for you and just like that it gave me the access token and a user ID.
So all I gotta do is take my user ID and put it right here
where it says user ID, so I copy it from here and
put it right over here your access token already moved down here and everything has been saved, so you could go ahead and Save Changes here. And before
I show you how to customize your feed let me just show you how you could display it on your WordPress website,
because now it’s there, but you didn’t tell it where to show up.
So what you got to do is you got to come down here, and you gotta take this tag right here and
copy that, so Instagram – feed go ahead and copy that and
decide where you want to put it on your website.
I want to put it in the footer of my website, so I’ll come to appearance, widgets,
and I’ll put it on the footer. You don’t have to put it in the footer.
You could put out on any page, on your homepage wherever you want.
But I’ll put it on footer column two, so right here
I don’t have anything here. All I have to do is bring a text widget and
drop it right here on column number two and then just put in that tag
Instagram – feed. If I save that, just like that it’s gonna appear on my WordPress website.
So let me just go ahead and show you where that is. So now if I press visit website
and I come down here, there is my Instagram feed, right here in the widget where I told it I want it to be.
But here’s one problem that I noticed. This actually pulled my main Instagram account, so if you have multiple
Instagram accounts, this is not the one you want. You don’t want the main one that it automatically pulled.
So let me show you how you could change this to whichever Instagram account you want, if you have multiple Instagram accounts.
Let me go back to my dashboard here. You don’t have to change the widget code or anything like that.
We just want to go to our Instagram feed and let’s click on button not working.
Let’s click on that and let’s click use this tool to use a username to find that code so in this case Howfinity tech is my username.
So let me go ahead and get that Instagram user ID so it’s a different user ID than the one
that the app pulled for me, so now if I go back here,
I could go ahead and paste that right here, and if I save this, it changes my feed.
So let me go back to the website one more time.
Let me come to the bottom, and you see it’s a whole different feed.
It’s not the one that it pulled for me only because I have multiple
Instagram account. So, I could have used a different channel I have five Instagram accounts, so this is the one that I want here.
Let me just go back to the dashboard one more time and
go back to the Instagram feed and under the Instagram feed,
this is how you get it going,
but you could also customize it here to look a little bit different than you have. So you could change
some of the general settings, some of the background color, and if it’s too big like right now,
it looks too big on my website, so let me change this to 12 for examples,
just to get it to show 12 pictures instead of 20 pictures. Number of columns is fine.
So let me go ahead and press save and now if I look at it,
let me go back to the bottom. Now it fits much better with the rest of my website.
So as you could see, it lines up, before it was just too long, so I’ll go back here one more time.
And if you go down here you could change the header from showing. There’s a lot of options that you could play around with,
but typically out of the box, it’s a really good setup to get you started having the feed on your WordPress website.
I hope you found this useful. Please give it a like and subscribe to this channel. I post tech tutorials
just like this one five times a week, and I hope to see you on the next video. Thank you so much for watching.


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