How to Find and Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

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If you deleted a facebook message in messenger, there are ways to recover it. Let’s go through couple of ways of recovering deleted conversations on Facebook messenger.

One of the easiest options is by looking at archive conversations on Facebook messenger. Often times, messages are not deleted and are instead archived. So if you look under the archive tab in messenger, you may be able to find and recover those conversations.

If that method didn’t get your results, you can download your entire messages archive on Facebook. Facebook stores everything you have ever done on the social media platform including your messenger activity.

The download your facebook archive option under facebook setting allows you to download all your activities. You can choose messages as one of the archive options and you will see every message you ever sent and received on Facebook, even the ones you deleted.

Video by Howfinity
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Hey everyone. In today’s Facebook video, I wanted to show you how you could find deleted messages on Facebook Messenger.
So if you’ve deleted messages on messenger and you want to find it, there’s a couple ways to get around it.
So just go ahead and go to and you want to go ahead and go to messages up here.
So if you click this icon up here, it will take you to messages and underneath here, you’ll see, “see all in messenger”.
Go ahead and click that and once you come here, if you click this gear icon right here on the left side,
go ahead and select archive threads.
Go ahead and select that and there is a good chance that the message was archived and not deleted.
So this is the first place you should look for your deleted messages.
Now if you don’t find it here, let me show you another way to do it.
Come up here under the drop-down under the setting drop-down and then come all the way down here to settings,
click settings here and on this page, under the general setting under the Facebook setting, you should see this option, download a copy of your facebook data.
Now, Facebook archives everything you’ve done on Facebook including messages.
So if you click this here, it will take you to this page and it will let you select the things you want to archive and download.
So if you have deleted messages, this is how you get them back. So over here,
make sure messages is checked on and you could turn everything else off, so I could deselect everything and I could just select messages here
and then I could create that file. That will give me all the messages I’ve ever sent our messenger and I’ll press create file.
It says your file is being processed and then we’ll send you an email when it’s done.
Next Facebook sends you this email
It says once you’ve finished creating your file, we’ll send you another email telling you where to download it.
So once that’s done, I’m gonna show you where to download it and where you’ll find your deleted messages.
Okay, a few minutes later, Facebook that send me this message and it has the available file in my download.
So I could go ahead and click this link here and here under available files,
here is my messages download. I’ll just click download here.
It’s gonna ask for my Facebook password one more time, and it downloaded as a zip file. So you’ll just have to
go ahead and open this on your Mac or on your PC. And this is what that file looks like,
So if I come to messages here,
I could see all the messages of ever sent on Facebook here.
So I could open this individually, or I could just double click on the index page and then he will take me here.
I’ll say your messages. I’ll click that and then I could see all my messages here.
So if you click any of these links,
it should show you all the messages that you had with that person and it’s through your entire history on Facebook.
I hope you could find your deleted messages on facebook using this method.
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I post social media and tech videos five times a week. And as always, thank you so much for watching this one.


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