How to DOWNLOAD your FACEBOOK data

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Download your facebook information and see what Facebook knows about you. You can simply archive and download your entire Facebook history through the Facebook settings.

The archive folder includes all your photos, videos, posts, chats, pokes, friends, contacts, ads you’ve interacted with and your entire timeline on Facebook.

It even knows how and when you accessed Facebook every single time.

Once you have the archive downloaded, it’s safe on your desktop and if you choose to delete or deactivate Facebook, you won’t lose anything.

Here is the step by step process on the desktop.
Step 1: Login to Facebook and go to settings through the dropdown menu on the right side of the page.
Step 2: Click download a copy. This will start the process of downloading your entire Facebook history.

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Hey everyone. In this quick video, I wanted to show you how you could archive all your information on Facebook.
So I’ve been on Facebook since 2004
and Facebook allows you just through the setting to download that entire archive.
So if you wanted to delete or deactivate your Facebook,
it’s always a great idea to take that archive and put it on your computer, on a hard drive, wherever you want,
so you don’t lose that information. A lot of us have spent a lot of years on Facebook,
so you don’t want to just delete and deactivate your account and lose all that information.
So I’m gonna show you how to do that archive right now. If it’s your first time here,
I make social media and tech tutorials five times a week, so please consider subscribing.
Let’s jump in here, so I could show you how to do it right on your desktop.
To archive and download your entire Facebook history,
jump on to your Facebook account, log in and on any page on facebook on the desktop,
you should see this down arrow, click that and then go down to setting go ahead and press setting and
this is where you download a copy of your facebook data.
So let me go ahead and download it.
Then I’m gonna open it up to show you what Facebook has on you in a second.
So let me go ahead and press download here.
It’ll take you to this page, download your information, get a copy of what you’ve shared on Facebook.
So this is post, videos, photos, messages, a lot of stuff on Facebook. Like I said, it’s gonna be stuff from 2004-2005 .
Whenever I sign up all the way till now. I’ll press start my archive.
Now you need to type in your Facebook password, and then it’s gonna say this may take a little while, I’m gonna say
that’s okay, start my archive and the download request is gonna go directly to my email.
It did send me an email saying the download request has started, but once it’s done, it’s gonna send it to the same email.
I’m gonna press ok here and when it’s all done,
it’s gonna send me an email and let me know that it’s complete.
And I’ll follow up right when it’s done. The download is finally complete. In my case, it took about 30 minutes.
And this is the email that Facebook sent me, so now I could click on the link
they sent me to go ahead and download that information.
I’ll just have to press this download archive, and it’ll start downloading right into my desktop here.
And it says it’s 300 megabytes, so the zip file is 300 megabytes.
That’s because the video and the audio and whatever else, the photos that were downloaded and archived are heavily compressed.
So now, let me go ahead and open the zip file on a Mac.
I’ll just have to click the zip file, it’ll start expanding the zip file.
So this is what is inside that zip file. If I look on their video,
I will see all the videos that I’ve uploaded over time. I’ll see some of the thumbnails up uploaded over time here and
under photos, I’ll see all the photos that I’ve downloaded,
divided into different folders like this so I could go through and see all the different folders that I’ve downloaded here from way back when.
And under messages, I could see all the messages in HTML form.
So if I open and it looks something like this.
So I could open each message by just pressing spacebar here or opening it in a browser.
They all kind of look like this, but you’ll see ton of different messages here.
It looks like there’s almost a thousand messages.
And there is more photos and videos inside the messages folders too, so under HTML,
let me go ahead and launch one of these just to show you what it looks like on the web browser. On the web browser,
it looks like this. So you’ll have all the application that you give Facebook permission to. Those are all listed here.
You’ll also see what Facebook has on your profile.
These are all the things that Facebook knows about your family or education.
Pretty much everything you’ve given it over the year, some of your likes.
I could go to my timeline and see my timeline from the very beginning to the very end.
I could see ads. These are the ad topics that I’ve clicked on that Facebook thinks
I’m interested in, so Facebook knows a lot about you through this and now you could see exactly what they know about you.
So messages, pokes, these are all the friends you have, all the friend requests you’ve sent, even all the people that you’ve deleted on Facebook.
It also knows the contact information are not just everyone in Facebook,
but it has your contact from a lot of other sources. Some of these people are not even on my facebook that I saw under
my contact info. If this scares you, there are a few things
you could do within Facebook to limit what it knows about you going in the future.
But this stuff is already there and Facebook knows all this stuff about you already.
I hope this was helpful, and you have all this information
and you could utilize it to make your Facebook more secure and have all this now downloaded to your desktop.
So you could keep it, and if you want to delete facebook,
I have a video on how to do that now that you have all the information secured outside of Facebook.
Please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel.
I post social media and tech tutorials five times a week, and I hope to see you on the next video.
As always, thank you for watching.


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