How to Download Facebook videos on iPhone

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You can download Facebook videos directly on your iPhone or iPad with a simple app.

The Friendly app gives you a blue download icon that you can use to download any videos from FB directly to your camera roll on your iPhone.

If you want to download facebook videos on your computer, check out this video.…

Video by Howfinity
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Hey everyone. In this video, I want to show you how you could download a video from Facebook right onto your iPhone without needing a computer.
So to do this, the easiest way I’ve found is using a free app that does this for you very easily.
So let me show you that app. So let’s go to the App Store and it’s called friendly for Facebook.
So if you just type in friendly under search you will be the first option.
Let’s go ahead and get the app and I’ll walk you through the process of downloading it. I’m just gonna download it here.
Let’s go ahead and open the app. Again, make sure it’s the same icon.
It’s the same friendly app that I have here and you will have to login to Facebook with this app.
So you could download videos. So I’m just gonna add my Facebook account here.
I’m just gonna go through the setup process of the app.
I’m gonna set up a passcode. I’m gonna press continue here and this app lets you do a lot more than downloading videos.
So if you want to go through some of the options, you can. I’m gonna press continue here.
I’m just gonna disable all these. I don’t want to do these, not now and now I should basically have my Facebook timeline here.
So let me go ahead and jump into one of my pages.
So this app will basically look just like your Facebook here.
So I’m gonna go ahead and download one of my videos on one of my pages. Now if you come to the video,
this is one of my videos. You should see this blue download icon next to the share icon.
So if I press that, it says download video to camera roll. I’ll just go ahead and press that and just like that,
it’s letting me download it to my camera roll. Let me just go into my camera roll to double-check and there we go.
That’s the video I just downloaded to my camera roll and that’s the entire video just like that.
So that’s the way where you could easily
download all your Facebook videos or any Facebook videos on your timeline feed,
just by pressing that blue icon next to the share button by using the friendly app.
I hope you found this useful you could use this app to easily download videos onto your iPhone.
Please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel.
I post easy to follow social media on tech tutorials five times a week.
And as always, thank you so much for watching this one. See you next time.


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