How to create Facebook color status!

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Want to use Facebook color status? It’s so easy. This video will show you how to use the new Facebook color status and stand out in the crowd.

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In this video, I’m going to show you how you could spice up the old Facebook status with the new Facebook color status.
I’m going to go ahead and use my iPhone to do it, but it’s the same on other devices.
I tested on an Android and I tested it on my desktop, and it was the same process.
All you got to do is go to update your status, and then when you press to type,
you’ll see these icons on the bottom, these color icon so if you press each one, you’ll get a different color background.
So I’m just going through each one
and whichever one you like, you could just choose that and then begin typing, so if I go with this green color one and
I could just type my status here
and that’s basically all you got to do. Now if you press post,
your new status will be posted and all your friends could see it, just like a normal status.
Let me just do one with a different color background.
So let’s do this one with the red background and type in your status and then press post.
So now I got a couple of different posts with different looks.
So go ahead and test it out. Not many people are using this right now.
So it’s a really great way to make your status stand out and reach more friends.
I hope this video helped you. Please give us a like and subscribe to this channel for a lot more How-to videos just like this. See you soon.


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