How to Create Dark Vignette Border Around Image in Photoshop

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There are a lot of ways in creating a vignette in Photoshop. In this video, I’ll show you a very simple option for creating a dark vignette border to your image or background.

It’s done through Lens correction filter and blending two layers. It’s a very simple and non destructive process.

Video by Howfinity
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Hey everyone. In this video, I wanted to show you how you could create a dark vignette around your images.
Now you could do this with images or you could do this with solid color backgrounds.
So this is a dark vignette I’m talking about. I’m gonna turn it off here.
So around the edges of this image.
It gives you this nice dark vignette and it brings that attention right to the center of the image.
And you will do this with another layer. It’s a really simple process.
Let me just go ahead and delete this and start from scratch.
So you should have your image open or your background open here and the very next step is creating a new layer.
So if you come down here, you should see create new layer icon.
Go ahead and click that right on the bottom next to the garbage can.
That will create this new layer now. We need to fill this layer with white.
So to do that, we’re gonna come up here to edit
and we want to go to fill here, click fill and then it will give you this pop up.
So under content, make sure you have white selected here.
So on this drop-down, click white. Everything else is okay here, press ok.
Now you have a white layer on top of your image. The next step is we want to add a filter,
so with this layer selected, go up to filter
and then go to lens correction right here. Click that and here you want to go to custom, so by default,
it’s on auto correction. Go to custom here and then you want to come down here to vignette and this is where everything changes.
If you take vignette down you’ll get this vignette around your white border here,
which will translate to your image in a minute and you could also lower the midpoints which will make the vignetting a lot more pronounced.
I’m gonna keep that at zero and bring my vignetting down all the way to negative 80 where I have it and then I’m gonna press ok.
Now we have the vignette on our white frame, but we want to put it on our background.
So we just have to blend these two together. So with the top one selected, on the blend options right here,
click this drop down and then come to multiply.
And as you could see if I turn this on and off, you have the effect of the vignette and you could always easily reduce it
by having it selected and click the opacity and
bringing the opacity down to like let’s say 50. Now if you turn it on and off, it’s a lot more subtle.
In this case, I like it at a hundred and it’s just that easy to creating nice vignette around your image.
I hope you found this useful. Please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel.
I post Photoshop and tech tutorials five times a week and I hope to see you in the next video. Thanks so much for watching.


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