How to change EXPOSURE in Photoshop-Top 3 options

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Want to brighten or darken an image in Photoshop? There are 4 exposure settings in photoshop and in this video, I’ll show you all 4.

You can use brightness/contract for a quick exposure adjustment or use levels or curves for more in depth control.

Video by Howfinity
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Hey everyone. In this video, I wanted to show you how you could change a exposure or brightness of an image right into Photoshop.
So if you took a picture, if you have a picture that’s underexposed, meaning, it’s a little bit dark like this one,
I’ll show you how to bring it up, and if you have a image that’s overexposed, it’s too bright,
I’ll show you how to bring it down. There are a few options in Photoshop that lets you do that.
I’m gonna show you my favorite one which is the easiest and fastest one
and I’ll show you a few more that give you a little bit more control.
So as you can see in this image, it’s a little bit too dark, so I want to bring this up a little bit.
So with this image open here in Photoshop,
I’ll go to image up here, and I’ll go to adjustment and as you could see up here you have four options for adjusting brightness.
One is just brightness and contrast which is the first one I’m gonna show you.
What levels, curves and exposure all will change the brightness of an image
and I’ll show you a little bit of how those work as well.
But let’s start with this one, brightness and contrast. So with that layer selected, I have brightness and contrast open and here is pretty basic.
Brightness starts at zero. If you go up, it makes it brighter, if you go down,
it makes it darker, so if you start with a bright image,
you’ll have to bring it down. If you start with the dark image like we have here,
I want to bring it up, and I’m just eyeballing it here, but it looks like if I go to 70,
it’s a little too much so about 50 is about right and
contrast. if you go up with the contrast the blacks get a lot darker, and this just makes it a lot more flat.
So again somewhere in between the start at zero if I want to go up, maybe make the blacks a little bit darker here
and then I could press ok. You could also press auto, but I really never had good results with auto.
Let me try it right here. This is the auto that Photoshop gets you, but I still liked it a little more bright
and a little bit more contrasty, so I’m just gonna manually type that and press ok.
So that’s the easy way to change brightness and contrast. It’s a really quick way.
I’m just gonna press command Z here on my Mac,
just to undo that and show you another option. The other option is go to adjustment and levels.
That’s your next option. So on levels, it’s pretty basic also.
So you got this triangle here. If you grab it and you come up,
everything turns black. On this side if you grab it and go down,
everything turns white, so this is basically making the image darker. This is making the image brighter, so you can make that adjustment for brightness this way
and you can bring the blacks up this way, so basically it’s almost doing the same thing that the exposure was doing with brightness and contrast
and you have the middle icon here that works in the middle.
So playing with these gets you a really nice value here and
again, you could preview it on and off that’s before that’s after. It’s looking good.
I’ll press ok, so that’s the second option of changing your exposure in Photoshop. Again command Z,
I’ll show you another option, adjustment curves.
Now with curves when I have a when I have more time with an image
And I want a lot more control curves is a really good way to do it
and I’m not gonna dive into it right now too much, but if you
Grab curves and go up you makes your image brighter and depending on what point of the curve you
Do this in it changes that adjustment differently so if I grab it right in the middle and go up
It just makes it brighter just like that and you could create different points in the curve and really start shaping the different parts of your image again depending on your white and black values here on the curve, but again
I don’t want to go too much into it Curve is probably the most complicated option for X both exposures, but brightness and contrast is easy one levels It’s pretty good Let’s go to exposure the fourth one here and if you click that one this has almost the same settings that we had on the first one exposure make it brighter or darker
It looks like I don’t undo my last settings so it’s already pretty good on the exposure
But if I wanted to come up, I can.
You have options on your gamma correction if you play with that you could see what it’s doing to your image
This way it’s making a little whiter
This way is bringing the blacks down and so on so press ok.
But I suggest if you just going for a quick fix to your image
go to adjustment brightness on contrast that’ll get you pretty much where you need to be and
if he starts looking a little bit dull if your image was too dark to start with I
Recommend going to adjustment go to vibrance and just add a little bit more vibrance to your picture
And that’ll just make all the colors pop if he starts getting a little bit
Dull this doesn’t affect skin tone as much as saturation saturation could create this yellow
Hue to skin so don’t play with saturation if you don’t have to but you can play with vibrance.
And I just press ok on that I hope this video helped you and brought your exposure right to where it needed to be on
Your image, please give the video a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel, and I hope to see you on the next video
Thanks for watching.


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