How to change BACKGROUND COLOR in Instagram Story

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You can easily change background color in Instagram story to more than 10 colors currently available.  The process is simple.

If you want to change the text background, here is the video for that.…

Step 1: Take a picture in Instagram story

Step 2: Choose the marker option on top

Step 3: Choose a color you want your background to be on the bottom

Step 4: Press and long hold on the screen. The background should now change to the color that you chose.

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Video by Howfinity
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Hey everyone. In this video, I wanted to show you how you could change an Instagram story background color to a solid color.
So to do that, first we want to go to our Instagram story, so on your page, just jump into Instagram story.
And once you get here, the first step is we want to take a picture, so go ahead and take a picture.
It doesn’t matter what you take a picture of, just take one and next we want to click this marker icon right on top.
So click that and then that will take you to the selection of markers. Make sure the first one there is selected.
Next step is choosing a color you want your background to be, so there’s a lot of colors here on the bottom.
I’m gonna choose blue here.
And now, we want to press and hold, we want a long hold basically, press and hold and it will change it to that color.
If you don’t long hold, it will actually just be a sharpie and it’ll let you draw on it.
But if you long hold, it will do that, so let me pick green here.
So if you just kind of draw it will draw, but if you long hold,
it will change the color to the color that you chose on the bottom. Now if you choose some of these other selection,
let me discard this one. Let me take another picture here.
Let me click sharpie, and if you choose one of these other ones, it gives you a little bit of a different effect, so the second one here,
if I choose red here, and if I long hold on that,
you see, it’s a little bit of a transparency to it. So it’s not a solid, like the sharpie like the first item was.
The second one gets you that affect. The third one and the last one,
I actually give you a solid effect, too.
So if you wanted to do a solid one, you could choose this one or this one.
This one actually gives you a solid effect, too.
So go ahead and play around with that, you have a lot of different colors to choose from but basically long holding it
is the way to do that and then once you’re done,
you could just press done, and then you could you know add your emojis and
everything else and it will keep the background color the same. You could type on it.
Everything will be the same and then once you’re done, you could go ahead and send it out.
I hope you found this video useful.
Go ahead and give it a like and subscribe to this channel for a lot more tech tutorials just like this one.
And I hope to see you on the next video. Thanks for watching.


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