How to add HASHTAGS and LINKS to your Instagram BIO

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Instagram now allows you to add hashtags and links to your Instagram bio by editing your profile.

Previously, you could only have a website link in your bio. You can still only have one of those, but now, you can add any Hashtag link with the # symbol and you could use the @ sign to have any account link on your Instagram bio.

This is a great way to promote more than just a website.

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Video by Howfinity
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Hey everyone. Instagram has a new update where he lets you put more links in your bio.
So you still have the one website tag,
but you could now tag people, so you could use at a username in your profile
and you could also have a hashtag in your profile, so you have the website link that you’ve always had,
but now you have the tag where you could tag someone with the @ sign and you could put a hashtag so you could dedicate
a hashtag to your brand put that in your bio,
I’m gonna show you how to set that up in this video. If it’s your first time here, I my social media and tech tutorials
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Now let’s jump into the phone, so I could show you how to update your bio.
Alright, let’s add those new links on our bio. So make sure you’re on the page where you want to edit.
I have multiple Instagram accounts,
but this is the one I’m gonna edit. Tight in the middle of the page on top, you should see edit profile.
Let’s go ahead and click that and this is the place where we were able to add our
website links. So under website, you still only have one website, so if you add another website in your bio,
it won’t be a clickable link, so you still only have the one website link.
But now let’s go to bio and click on bio
and it actually takes you a whole new page. This new page allows you to add more to your bio.
It says type @ or hashtag to link an account
or hashtag. So this is new, so he gave me that warning and now I could actually press ENTER. Before I couldn’t even make lines like
this by pressing enter, so this is very useful.
So let me go ahead and put the @ sign and let’s say I wanted to do New Slate Films hashtag.
So let me use that. You basically want to brand yourself with this hashtag, so don’t choose a hashtag that’s not gonna help you.
Make your own hashtag, make it yours, use it on all your posts.
And you could do the @ sign and type in what you want it to be, so if I wanted to do the @ sign at
my page, I could do that or I could link to other pages too.
So I could cross promote, if I had multiple Instagram accounts which I do, I could maybe put one that relates to another.
I’m not gonna do that in this case.
I’m gonna use the one I want. I’m gonna press done and let me press done again
just to show you the bio. So now if you take a look, I have my website that I’ve always had,
but now I have that hashtag so that hashtag shows me some of the things I’ve posted in the past under that hashtag.
As always, you can follow that hashtag. That’s been around for a while.
And you could do the @ sign. You could click, that that takes you to that page.
The reason why I was saying that might be useful to do it at a different
page is because you could cross promote. In this case if you press it,
it just takes you back to the page where you found that @ sign, so if I use the different one for example,
let me go ahead and edit and I’ll edit this one, so I’ll delete this @ sign.
I’ll do another one see my tech videos at and then I could do the Howfinity Tech channel
and then I’ll press done, so now if I press done again and on my bio,
you could see the tech videos by clicking here.
It takes you to a whole different page, so now you actually took me into my tech channel instead of my filmmaking channels.
So that’s how you jump in between by using the @ sign on your bio, and then on the other channel for example on the tech channel,
I could link back to my filmmaking bio and cross-promote that way, but the hashtag should be dedicated to that channel, to that specific Instagram bio,
but the @ sign could cross-promote and your website should take you to your website or your YouTube page or wherever you want to drive traffic.
I think this is gonna be really handy having three different types of links in your bio is gonna be really powerful
and you should be able to grow your Instagram account using all these in every single profile you have. I hope you found this useful.
Please give it a like and subscribe to this channel.
I post easy to follow tech and social media videos five times a week,
and I hope to see you on the next video as always. Thank you so much for watching.


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