how to download facebook video

How to download videos from facebook without any software in HD

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In this video, I’ll show a Facebook video download technique on a computer that requires no software.

Step 1: Right click on top of any video you want to download and press show video URL.
Step 2: Copy and paste that URL in a new window.
Step 3: Now right click and choose view page source somewhere in the page.
Step 4: Press Command or control F to find text in the page source window.
Step 5: Type HD_SRC and press enter
Step 6: Copy the link in the code right after the HD_SRC
Step 7: Paste that link in a new window
Step 8: Right click on the video and choose download.

The video will now be downloaded from Facebook to your computer.

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hey everyone in this video I wanted to
show you how you could download a
facebook video right onto your desktop
so if you see one of these videos on
Facebook that autoplays and you want to
download it I’m gonna show you how to do
that right now now this is not gonna
work with links that are shared where
you gotta click and go somewhere else
this is gonna work with the ones that
that are right on Facebook so what you
got to do is just go on top about any
video you want to download and go ahead
and right click on that video and say
show video url and then you will get a
link up here go ahead and copy that link
I’m just gonna copy that here I’m just
gonna open a new tab here I’m gonna
paste that link right now and then I
should come to this page where the video
is and now I want a HD version of this
video there’s another method which is a
bit easier but you’ll get a very small
compressed video that way and I’m not
gonna show you how to do that it’s kind
of useless to get the video that way
what you want that is the HD video that
looks sharp just like this one so
anywhere in the page not on top of the
video but anywhere in the page right
click and say view page source once the
page source pops up do ctrl F or command
F to get the fine window this little
window should pop up and type in this
code HD underscore s RC and go ahead and
press Enter
that should just pull up one version of
that in your code and this link here all
the way to where it says SD so right
here without the quotation marks that’s
the HD video so this is the link you
want so I’m gonna go ahead and copy this
link again I’ll just show up in a new
tab I’m gonna paste that link here
that’s gonna give me the video just like
that so now I could right-click on the
video and say save video as and they
should download the video in HD format
so now if I go to my desktop and this is
the HD version of the video I hope this
video was helpful please give it a
thumbs up and subscribe to this channel
for a lot more tech tutorials just like
this one and I hope to see you in the
next video thanks for watching


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