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How to get a INSTAGRAM feed on a WORDPRESS Website

[mks_tabs nav=”horizontal”] [mks_tab_item title=”Overview”] Want to have your Instagram feed on a WordPress website? WordPress makes it easy with a plugin called Instagram feed. With Instagram feed, you can show your Instagram in the footer or any page on WordPress and you can customize it too. If you have multiple Instagram accounts, you can choose […]

How to delete wordpress theme

[mks_tabs nav=”horizontal”] [mks_tab_item title=”Overview”] How to delete and uninstall a wordpress theme Want to delete an unused WordPress theme? WordPress comes pre-installed with themes that you probably don’t use and deleting them is a good idea. The process is simple, but made sure you backup your WordPress before deleting any themes. To delete an used […]

How to Add a Sub-Domain on Hostgator step by step setup

How to Add a Sub-Domain on Hostgator [mks_tabs nav=”horizontal”] [mks_tab_item title=”Overview”] Adding a sub-domain in Hostgator is easy and you probably have an account with unlimited sub-domains.  So let’s see how we add it. Step 1: Search your email for the Hostgator welcome email which should have a control panel link.  Input your user name […]

How to duplicate a WordPress site – WordPress Duplicator Tutorial

How to duplicate a WordPress site [mks_tabs nav=”horizontal”] [mks_tab_item title=”Overview”] Duplicator is a WordPress plugin that allows you to move your site from one place to another.  It can move your website from your home computer to your host or from one host to another. To use it, download the plugin.  Click the package link […]

How to Create XML Sitemaps for WordPress and submit it to Google

[mks_tabs nav=”horizontal”] [mks_tab_item title=”Overview”] Creating an XML sitemap for your website is very important. In this video, I’ll show you how to easily do that with a free plugin and then how to submit it via google search console to Google for indexing. Share this video: See more simple and easy to follow how […]

How To Disable Comments In WordPress-with and without a plugin

[mks_tabs nav=”horizontal”] [mks_tab_item title=”How to disable comments in WordPress”] Disabling comments in WordPress pages and posts can be done in two ways. But setting it through the WordPress settings or by using a plugin called disable comments. You can use both options or a the build in settings per individual posts and pages if you […]

How To Exclude my IP Address in Google Analytics

[mks_tabs nav=”horizontal”] [mks_tab_item title=”Overview”] Exclude your own IP Address in Google Analytics to get the most accurate results in your numbers. It’s a pretty easy process. Step 1: Click the admin tab on the bottom left of the screen. Step 2: Under view section on the right side, choose filter. Step 3: Add filter. Step […]