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How to Change Instagram FONTS

 [mks_tabs nav=”horizontal”] [mks_tab_item title=”Overview”] How to change instagram fonts and text for stories There are 5 font options in Instagram stories and more are being added soon. These include classic, modern, neon, typewriter, strong. Each one has options for color change and background change as well as alignment. Changing type style and using different […]

How to get a INSTAGRAM feed on a WORDPRESS Website

[mks_tabs nav=”horizontal”] [mks_tab_item title=”Overview”] Want to have your Instagram feed on a WordPress website? WordPress makes it easy with a plugin called Instagram feed. With Instagram feed, you can show your Instagram in the footer or any page on WordPress and you can customize it too. If you have multiple Instagram accounts, you can choose […]

How to make your Instagram PRIVATE

[mks_tabs nav=”horizontal”] [mks_tab_item title=”Overview”] You can make your Instagram private through the Instagram settings, so you video or photos will only be visible to followers that you allow to follow you. A private Instagram account can be make public in the settings at anytime. Depending on your Instagram account, there are couple of places in […]

How to add HASHTAGS and LINKS to your Instagram BIO

[mks_tabs nav=”horizontal”] [mks_tab_item title=”Overview”] Instagram now allows you to add hashtags and links to your Instagram bio by editing your profile. Previously, you could only have a website link in your bio. You can still only have one of those, but now, you can add any Hashtag link with the # symbol and you could […]

How to RESET Instagram password

[mks_tabs nav=”horizontal”] [mks_tab_item title=”Overview”] You can reset your Instagram password in two ways. If you already know your password and are logged in, you can reset or change your Instagram password in the settings menu and change password. If you forgot your password and can’t login, you’ll need either your user name or email to […]

How to add COLOR BACKGROUND to text on Instagram

[mks_tabs nav=”horizontal”] [mks_tab_item title=”Overview”] Add How to add COLOR BACKGROUND to text on Instagram stories to make your text pop. With a busy picture, regular texts can be hard to read. Color backgrounds on Instagram let you see the text clearly. Changing color background is easy. You can choose between solid and transparent backgrounds and […]

How to put background OUT OF FOCUS in Instagram story

[mks_tabs nav=”horizontal”] [mks_tab_item title=”Overview”] How to put background OUT OF FOCUS in Instagram story You can put the background out of focus in Instagram story with the April 2018 update that adds a Instagram story feature. This option works with faces and digitally puts the background out of focus creating a more professional and pleasant […]

How to DOWNLOAD Instagram DATA

[mks_tabs nav=”horizontal”] [mks_tab_item title=”Overview”] You can now download Instagram Data and archive your entire Instagram history. That includes all your photos, videos, stories, likes, comments and more. If you ever decide to delete your Instagram account or simply want to have all the files offline on your computer, Instagram makes it easy to backup everything. […]

How to DOWNLOAD Instagram Photos to Your Computer 2018

[mks_tabs nav=”horizontal”] [mks_tab_item title=”Overview”] Download Instagram photos to your computer. It’s an easy process with a plugin called Desktop for Instagram. Desktop for Instagram is a google chrome plugin that basically brings the mobile version of the app to your desktop, both Mac or PC. You can add the extension and you will get a […]