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How to Find and Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

[mks_tabs nav=”horizontal”] [mks_tab_item title=”Overview”] If you deleted a facebook message in messenger, there are ways to recover it. Let’s go through couple of ways of recovering deleted conversations on Facebook messenger. One of the easiest options is by looking at archive conversations on Facebook messenger. Often times, messages are not deleted and are instead archived. […]

How to DOWNLOAD your FACEBOOK data

[mks_tabs nav=”horizontal”] [mks_tab_item title=”Overview”] Download your facebook information and see what Facebook knows about you. You can simply archive and download your entire Facebook history through the Facebook settings. The archive folder includes all your photos, videos, posts, chats, pokes, friends, contacts, ads you’ve interacted with and your entire timeline on Facebook. It even knows […]

How to make your Facebook account MORE SECURE-Stop DATA leak

[mks_tabs nav=”horizontal”] [mks_tab_item title=”Overview”] You can take a very simple step to make your Facebook account more secure. Over the years, you’ve given Facebook permission to share your data. In my case, it had shared it with 162 other apps. You can change that in the setting and stop some of these apps from seeing […]

How to turn off Facebook’s FACE RECOGNITION features

[mks_tabs nav=”horizontal”] [mks_tab_item title=”Overview”] Facebook has rolled out automatic face recognition. But you can turn off Facebook’s new face recognition in your privacy settings. Your face will now be detected in images and videos, even if you are not tagged. So if you don’t want that, you should turn it off. In this video, I’ll […]

How to create Facebook color status!

[mks_tabs nav=”horizontal”] [mks_tab_item title=”Overview”] Want to use Facebook color status? It’s so easy. This video will show you how to use the new Facebook color status and stand out in the crowd. Share this video: https://youtu.be/E6kPsr8BfWk See more simple and easy to follow how to videos. Subscribe https://goo.gl/tcAUG8 Follow us on our brand new Facebook […]

How to DELETE your Facebook account PERMANENTLY

[mks_tabs nav=”horizontal”] [mks_tab_item title=”Overview”] How to delete your Facebook account permanently Want to delete your Facebook account and leave the social media giant for good? You can either delete your Facebook account permanently or just deactivate it. This video walks you though both options. Just remember, if you delete it permanently, there is no saving […]

How to change your name on Facebook mobile app

[mks_tabs nav=”horizontal”] [mks_tab_item title=”Overview”] How to change your name on Facebook mobile? If you want to change your name on Facebook, this video will show you a quick way to get it done with your phone. You can only do this once in 60 days! Video by Howfinity [/mks_tab_item] [mks_tab_item title=”Transcript”] In this video, I’m going […]